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    CWL Quick Trade System Reviews & Experiences

    I have heard of this trading software, from a friend who recently purchased it, and I am tempted to give it a go.

    I rang CWL to ask some questions. They said I’ll get a dedicated account manager and life-time access to their customer service/support team.
    The returns that the system is supposed to generate are great.

    I am almost happy to buy the system….

    The last thing to do is to ask their existing/past customers about their experiences.

    Can anyone here tell me about their dealings with the quick trade system (as well as the company its self)?


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    Iíve been with CWL for 8 months now and can only praise the company, in terms of customer service and response times from the support team.

    I canít tell you about the Quick Trade System, though, I use the Day Trade system.

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    I have been seeing returns of 10-12% (using CWLís quick trade system) every month for about a year. It does what it says and I have never looked back on my decision to go for it.

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    Yeah I recommend the quick trade system. Itís rightly popular because, for most people, we donít have time to be trading the whole dayÖ Iím not looking to change my career to a stock trader, and the quick trade system allows me to fit my trading around my job (and wife!)

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    How long did it take you to start making a profit? Does it start off slow?

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    To be honest, it started well for me from the off. I wouldnít say thereís a Ďlearning curveí. Though, if you have no trading experience, your account manager will probably recommend that you do some paper trading first (practising with fake money/trades). I did about a weekís paper trading and then got cracking. Made 11% profit in my first month of live trading.

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    The learning curve is negligible, yes. Thereís nothing complex to learn to start using the CWL Quick Trade system to make a profit (the whole point is that the system does most of the work).

    It is easy to use, but the support staff are always just a phone call away should you need it

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    I received a brochure from CWL, a few weeks ago, about their quick trade system. I was a little hesitant to be honest, before doing some research online.

    Other people seem to be happy with it.

    I understand that Iíll need a brokerage account somewhere. Can anyone recommend a company? Is there one that CWL recommends?

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    Iíve used a few broker firms over the years. Iíve stayed with plus500 for a while now.

    I donít use the quick trade system, but the Day Trade system. And, I think the best choice of broker will depend on your exact scenario (what broker will be cheapest all together for you).

    Iím not sure if CWL have a go-to broker that they recommend to their clients. They donít for the Dauy Trader, at leats.

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    Okay, thanks. Iíll ask CWL if they can recommend a broker/if thereís one they might have a deal with to give their clients discounted rates.



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